any ideas...

I'm looking for any clever ideas you all might have.  These are my groceries for this week.  Straight out of the bag and waiting to put away.  The only thing missing is my gluten-free bread which went right into the freezer.  See those bags at the back.  There are two with almonds and one with rice.  I don't like those bags. 

I don't use them for my fruits and vegetables because I feel they are so wasteful.  I think the check-out people despise me because their counter gets all wet.  Hey, I don't like that they spray water on this stuff a million times a day and I have to shake the heck out of it before I toss it in my cart so maybe we're even.  I buy my grains, nuts, steel-cut oats and dried fruits out of bulk bins at my little local shop.  Do any of you do this and do you have a more reusable option? 

P.S. - I have to write the "code" on the bag.


sunshine said...

I also buy some things in bulk (not many) and I use as few of the bags as possible. I don't use bags for my produce, they are put on the conveyor belt bare. Our recycle service doesn't take these bags. I do donate mine to a local thrift store to bag items they sell. I realise they just get passed along to someone else to dispose of as they see fit, however at least they get used at least a second time.
Hope someone has a good suggestion!
Now, after seeing your groceries I want to eat at your house!

Maria said...

Nope, sorry, that is the only option we are offered here as well. Have to write the code on the little twisty tie. I'm with you - hate those little bags. You could carry your own containers - but that may be frowned upon. I have a hard enough time remembering to take my own "luggage" out of the car to bag the groceries in - can't imagine trying to remember containers for the bulk stuff too! I'm with sunshine - hope someone has an idea - it's probably something very simple that is simply brilliant!

MaiPie said...

The funny thing is that the ideas that come to mind are the dishes you have made for me...so those are pointless to mention! I'll try to think harder.