you won't believe this...

I have been lucky all my life - it's genetic - my father is one of the luckiest people you will ever meet.  You can bet, if there is a name to be called in a drawing or raffle, and one of us is in the room - we're taking home the prize.   

So, you remember the other day I won that awesome Philips light..........it has happened again.  I won the sweetest handmade greeting cards from the inspiring and quite adorable Marta over at Marta Writes - the dear diary stories.  The notcards were made by the talented watercolor artist Jane Tercheria.  Visit her Etsy shop here.

I better go out and buy a lottery ticket pronto!  Thank you to Marta and Jane!


Henley said...

When it rains, it pours. Congratultions! I appreciate so many of you "commenting" on my "comments". I will be travelling for the next two weeks, you might not hear from me as often. Didn't want my Everton Terrace family to worry. Maria, you keep down the fort over here.

KR said...

Yes, congrats! I'm looking for today's post?

Maria said...

Hurray! Another big winner - I'm going to come hug on you and take some of that home with me :-D
Henley - happy travels! I know it is probably business - but hope there is room for relaxing and fun (and bring back some fun tales for us!)
While you are away - I will do my best to fill your very AMPLE shoes - but - there is only one Henley!

KR said...

Safe travels Henley! Keep up the good work Maria.

pamela said...

yes, you do win. do you remember getting some random bingo lottery card and you won?!
i won some rayban ski glasses. must have been on the discontinued list. not comfortable at all.
and a great purse from the gym. should use it. beaded and really pretty blue. must go looking for it.