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This is a glimpse into our past week as seen through the eyes of my husband, Andrew Henry.

Andrew Henry Says:  We pass this sign every week on our way out to the auction.  That 25 cents gets me every time.  Why isn't the price just $586.00 or $587.00?  What difference can the extra 25cents make?  When our daughter was home last month, she was struck by something else, the word "complete".  That got us wondering how much an "incomplete" cremation would cost?

Jeanette says: He's been wanting to show ya'll this for months.  
I smeared up the phone number for their privacy.  It is kind of weird sign.

So sorry I forgot to announce the necklace giveaway winners!  
This is the hard part for me because I want you all to win.  
I'll just have to do another giveaway soon.  
Congratulations to this month's random winners:

Please contact me via email, jeanette(at)evertonterrace.com with your preferred initial and 
mailing address - thanks to everyone for entering.


Maria said...

Oddly - this made me chuckle. Kind of tells you where I am mentally this morning - LOL. I too would like to know the options and differences to which they are eluding! But I guess, as far as information goes- its one of those things you see and think "Hey, good to know".
Happy Monday! Thanks AH for another great post!

quintessence said...

OMG - that sign is hysterical!!! So bizarre - certainly makes you wonder. And congrats to the winners!!

MJM said...

I thought it was just as funny as my dad. Happy Monday everyone!

Silver Strands said...

OH MAN! That is scary funny! I have to wonder if without the extra 25 cents there would still be remaining fingernails or something.

So, I'd NEVER let them carve pumpkins on my carpet - we moved the kitchen table and they spread out on the linoleum ... (video can be deceiving).

Have a wonderful week Jeanette! And please pass on to your husband how much I enjoy his posts.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha... weirdest sign ever!!! xo

Linda said...

This one makes me laugh!

KR said...

Advertising...designed to get one's attention and this sign certainly does just that!
Good one AH!

Karena said...

Thank you so so much Jeanette. I cannot believe it!!

I think you should call the cremation company and do a follow up Ha!


Art by Karena

Diana Mieczan said...

This totally made me giggle. What a bizarre sign. Hope you had a great weekend, sunshine. Kisses

Privet and Holly said...

Please tell Andrew
Henry that I get his
sense of humor; this
sign could be on Jay
Leno's segment when he
shows weird stuff! So
excited to win your
giveaway! Thank you!
xx Suzanne

angryparsnip said...

wahahahahah... I am in a gallows humor this morning.

cheers, parsnip

Jillian said...

hmmm kind of creepy lol

Stitchfork said...

This made me laugh! What is it with cemetery signs (remember my free dirt cemetery sign?)? Maybe for 25cents less its incomplete -- but then how do you choose what part to leave incomplete...
xo Cathy

Julie of Monkey Grass Hill said...

VERY funny!
Believe it or not, I'm bummed I didn't win this giveaway (even though I make jewelry I can't make these and I really love them). Karena deserves to win, she hosts so many giveaways.


Style, She Wrote said...

Very funny! Congrats to all the winners. xo style, she wrote

Sarah @ Pencil Skirts and Lattes said...

Lol! How funny! I'm with you - what IS an incomplete cremation? Love the randomness! :)

Cashon&Co said...

Ok, I love this! Hilarious, on both counts!