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Let's take a little break from the China photos for a moment.  I had, what I'm considering a genius idea, to make the arduous journey a little easier and I'm going to share it with you.  I carry a rather large handbag with several zippered compartments with me when I travel, trying to keep each compartment organized with similar items.  This time I went one step further and the inside of my bag looked something like this...

I bought clear zippered pencil pouches (nice thick plastic) and filled each one with like items - things I tend to need when travelling internationally.  It worked fabulously - no fishing around or pulling out multiple items to get to something, easy peasy happy travel!

Top pouch - comfort pouch - eye mask, disposable toothbrushes, floss, warm socks, mints, hair clip, eyeglass cleaner swipes etc.

Second pouch - security pouch - those pesky things you have to pull out when you go through security.  I just left them in this pouch every time and considering it took 3 airports to get to Beijing, it saved me time and hassle.

Third pouch - activity pouch - cards for the airport (we're those people) and my Reader's Digest.  I save my RD's for a few months before a big trip, they are perfect for travel because they are compact, lightweight and and I don't mind leaving them or passing them onto others when I'm finished.

Fourth pouch - medicine pouch (obviously important to a gal like me) - my prescriptions which I always carry on with me, pain reliever, laxatives (travel can be hard on a body) and something that has saved my bacon on so many trips - wads of band aids for my feet, they can make the difference between a good day and a bad day.  Of course there is also something that was very important on this trip and everyone should take with them - Imodium, 'nuff said there.

Oh, one more pack - entertainment.  I load up some books on tape onto our Ipods and charge up the batteries on my well used Gameboy.

I loved using these, just made everything less stressful and less stressful makes me happy.  As Andrew Henry likes to repeat "happy wife - happy life".


Reya Mellicker said...

Just catching up with your posts about China. The pictures are truly fantastic - wow!

Sorry you were sick the day you visited the great wall. This is what would happen to me. I am not a spectacular traveler - I get overwhelmed, and in China with all the pollution, etc. it doesn't surprise me that you had to sit on the bus instead of climb. What a shame but it does happen.

I am the queen of zip lock baggies when I travel, too. Well done, you!

Stitchfork said...

Anything to reduce the stress is briliiant! Nice to see the deck of cards mixed in with the electronics!
xo Cathy

MJM said...

You are such an organizer! Love it.

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Great idea for traveling. This would make my business travel much easier.

angryparsnip said...

I have done something similar with zip bags but I love the idea of the the pencil bags.
I am one of those people who has to carry all my meds, with me, in my carry on bag and a second set in my bags. I also keep a two day smaller set in my purse for the "just in case".
Traveling can be fun but I always need to be very prepared.
Love your wonderful travel posts.

cheers, parsnip

Andrew H. said...

I think someday you should do a post on that Gameboy of yours. Let your readers see what a puzzle fiend you really are...

Privet and Holly said...

I am loving these
travel photos and this
is just a fantastic idea,
to boot! I am hoping
to head to England in
the next year, so will
look forward to trying
the Everton Terrace "system!"
Thanks for that!

xx Suzanne

Alexa said...

The bags are so key when traveling...makes everything so much more manageable.

Maria said...

woman after my own heart!

Felicity said...


lisaroy said...

I do the same thing with regular ziplocs but need to find some nice thick clear ones like yours. They really do help keep things stress-free xo