recharge the batteries...

Back from our quick California trip.  I'm finding these old bones, well, middle aged at the least, are a little tired.  We woke at 1:00 a.m. and drove home - much harder then when I was in my 20s.  I've got to see to all of the 'just back from a road trip' stuff (dirty laundry and empty fridge) and get ready for my daughter's 1 day home from school visit Thursday night, so I'm off to tend to things and maybe take a nap or two.  I hope spring has sprung where you are and you are drinking it all in.

I'll be back soon enough to share some of the project we've been working on and a few little treasures I picked up for my shop.  Till then, I wish you some warm sunshine on your face and maybe a comfy place to catch a nap.

Turning comments off for this post - email me if you need to get in touch, thanks!


Felicity said...

So pleased that you're home safe and sound and looking forward to seeing your new treasures.

Happy day!

MJM said...

Nap! I can't wait to do the same!

Love you.