this place...

What do you daydream about?  Are you like me and your mind wanders around endless thoughts, or are you focused on only a few?  Among all the thoughts about faraway places and fabulous parties I want to throw, there is one daydream that is always kind of lingering.

As I've said many times before, I do love and am grateful for my very blessed life, and if I come to the end of my days and I am lucky enough to be living it the same way as I do today, I will be quite content and consider myself one of the lucky ones.

Still.  I daydream.  I imagine life in a little cottage by a pond with steps down from the front door that lead to the woods where Andrew Henry and I walk the dogs every day (in this daydream we have more than one dog, oh and I am skinny again with fabulous hair but I digress).  There is a cute town about 20 minutes down the road and a good sized city about 1 hour away.  There are two chairs on the porch.  I see this place in my head almost every day.  I've never been to such a place, except in my mind, but it nags at me all the time.  It just creeps in at the most unexpected times, this place.  I see the same image and I know what it feels like to be there.  I feel it pulling me.  This place.

I imagine some people feel this way about moving to the "big city" or the French countryside or to a remote island.  I don't know, but I imagine they do.  I love this mysterious desert city I live in, with it's amazing sunsets and mostly wonderful weather, but this cottage cabin place beckons me still.  Is it a memory, a premonition, or the result of too much sugar?  One never knows.

What do you daydream about?


MJM said...

I daydream about finally getting to my real life, when I'm done with school. A job, a city I know I'm going to stay in for awhile, and some income.

KR said...

My daydream has to do with more than one dog, although I might not have the stamina to take care of more than one. I too love where I live but in my daydream I have enough land around me for rescued dogs, perhaps 5 or 6, to run and play safely,

Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Your daydream sounds lovely. I dream of lazy days with the husband and our pack of pets.

Felicity said...

What I love about your dream J is that you have so many strong details.

My ideal place is by a lake too with a neighbourhood of lovely likeminded people and a little jetty over my patch of the lake that I can sit on each morning and afternoon to take in the changing vista.

Have you taken Katie's tour of 'Snow Pond' in New Hampshire, I think you might like it....http://www.giftsofserendipity.com/2011/03/six-senses-tours-new-hampshire-usa.html

Happy day Lovely!

Diana Mieczan said...

I really love your daydream. I also spend my days daydreaming...I love getting lost in little gems or travel spots that I want to visit. Have a wonderful day, my dear. xo

Andrew H. said...

I thought about it and I find I'm so busy working during the day that I don't daydream. Sounds boring I know, but you asked. ;-)

thistlewoodfarm said...

That's how I always look in my daydreams, too :) I am living my dreams on a farm we moved to from a big city. And I am so thankful!


angryparsnip said...

I daydream to... I see my home very clearly (it is the little home I had to sell in Laguna Beach, I loved that home it was my perfect home) and the garden filled with roses, flowers, fruit trees and chickens !
I am not sure where it is because I picture it in several places I have visited that I would love to live in. From the UK, Hawaii or Japan.

cheers, parsnip

Maria said...

you and I, dear cousin, must somehow be connected by this day dream.....you have described almost perfectly the home that I set my sweet husband to the task of finding in DE. When I envision it is as you described it - (but with a basement or large room for schooling and other fun adventures and the room for the dogs to run doubles as room for my fellas to run and roam) ......sending your blog link to TBM so that he knows EXACTLY what I'm talking about...

Test said...

going to italy again with the cute boy i met! haha!

Privet and Holly said...

My dream is to live in
a beach house, on the
ocean or a lake in the
Pacific NW. I'm thinking
Whidbey Island would
be perfect. We would have
views of the water, simple
furnishings, wide plank
wood floors, walks on the
beach, bike rides into town,
ferry ride to the big city.
As we get closer to the
empty nest, I can almost
taste this dream, it has
become so real to me!

Thanks for sharing your
dream and indulging mine : )

xx Suzanne

k said...

i was just daydreaming about a life in a little town on the ocean with a harbor and boat docks and seagulls...so nice!

bronwyn said...

This is such a lovely post. I think the better question is "What don't I daydream about?" I don't think I know how to not daydream. I have one similar to yours called the country daydream. I love living in the city and can't imagine living anywhere else but I daydream about a place in the country with a vegetable garden, chickens and a goat. Sometimes there are even sheep pastures. I also daydream about a stately Victorian home right here in my neighborhood. I also daydream of time travel, winning an oscar (for what, I have no idea), what the cute boy at the coffee shop will say today, how tasty my lunch is going to be, what adventures I will have on the bus, and it just goes on and on. :)

I think you could live out your daydream 1 hour in any direction from here. Lots of sweet towns surround this city and there are lovely wooded areas surrounding many of these towns.

shopgirl said...

First, let me say thank you so much for your comments. I really appreciate them. And this post is lovely jeanette....i like how you phrased how blessed and grateful you are for every day and your life, and yet you still dream.....i remember talking once to a shaman, psychic, whatever you call it, who said that dreaming is necessary, you can't give up dreaming, no matter what the situation. it keeps ups going.

i used to dream about living in europe (where I did and still do - U.K. and Italy) and now i dream of living stateside. isn't that crazy?


pamela said...

lovely picture and post. i know this is too late to post, but
i still want to have my drive up the northeast coast in the fall. i stay at quaint bed and breakfasts and sit by their fire places as i read books and sip tea. i drive a convertible and the leaves rustle in the wind...as does my orange scarf.