andrew henry's world...

This is a glimpse into our past week as seen through the eyes of my husband, Andrew Henry.

Andrew Henry says:  I thought you might like a Tinley update.  She is 6 months old now and we've had her for 3 months.  She has gone from 15lbs to 42.5lbs!  When we got her, she had been abandoned, had a parasite, severe kennel cough and needed foot surgery (to removed 2 extra toes).  She is good as new now and has, very quickly, become a much loved member of our family.  This is a path by the canal near our home where we like to walk her in the evenings.  

Jeanette says:  I am completely gaga over her.  She is just the sweetest thing ever.  I take her everywhere with me and, since I work from home, we spend pretty much 24 hrs a day together.  I joked with my daughter on the phone the other day and told her Andrew Henry thinks I rock her and give her a bottle when he's not home, my daughter's response was "is he wrong"?    He was wrong, but we do nap together!

Here is my addition to the Tinley photo album this week...

She fell asleep with her little stuffed Goofy toy.  It looks sweet but I think she was beating the living daylights out of him before she drifted off.


MaiPie said...

I can't wait to meet that cute pup! She is absolutely adorable :)

MJM said...


Beatnheart said...

First off... Wonderful of you to get a recuse rather than perpetrate the buying of these boutique dogs that are being bred like crazy ...
Happy for you both in have filled your empty nest with such a sweet baby. That walk looks glorious .xx c

bronwyn said...

Awww, she is so sweet! What a pretty walking spot. My mother has always said that there is a special place in heaven for those who help animals. You are all lucky to have found each other.

KR said...

I love Tinley! She is a wonderful 'baby'!

angryparsnip said...

whoa... that is one huge puppy and a very cute one.
I have been waiting for a Tinley update.
Don't you love when puppies play so hard shaking the stuffing out of a toy then fall asleep with it.
Mine will shake it first then chew out the squeaky. Going straight for the heart we say.
Has she attacked your studio again ?

I am just one of the pack when it comes to nap time, plus they snore it is so funny.

cheers, parsnip

Maria said...

that goofy comment actually made me laugh out loud! Too funny - so glad she doing so well.

Linda in AZ * said...

*** Your TINLEY is TOOOOO DARLING... and did you know she's at least a good part GERMAN SHORTHAIRED POINTER? (The coloring/spots, etc., just prove it!!!)... They're the BEST MANNERED, SWEETEST & MOST LOVING dawgs in the world (IMHO, A*N*D my husband's!!!)... Ours are WONDERFUL BIRD HUNTERS for my husband, too!!!

WE have TWO German Shorthaired Pointers. One is 8 years old, the other about 15 months old now. And "watching the baby" is HILARIOUS!!! The 8 year old is "getting used to her", but yep, SHE'S stilllll "THE QUEEN" of THIS household, & the pup adores her!!!

We can't wait til she's all grown up, tho (ie: the tendency to chew and "run amok" is darling, but a little un-nerving at times, I must say!).

BLESS YOU for saving this precious being!!!! I know you are in for a MOST DELIGHTFUL TREAT by having your TINLEY!!!!!!

God bless you!
Linda in AZ *

Privet and Holly said...

I'm also gaga for our
own pooch and it's
shots like the one with
Goofy that really get
me: pure sweetness!!!

Your husband got a
beautiful shot with
Tinley and the sunset....

Happy Monday,
xo Suzanne

lisaroy said...

What a great shot. She's adorable and I can see why you're gaga over her! Our Martha used to be my shadow as well and she'd give her toys quite the beating. I still can't believe that she knew all her toys by name, all 25 of them! She was a smart girl. miss her.