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vintage flatware
It's been ages since I posted anything about food - possibly because I haven't cooked many noteworthy dishes in months.  That is, until I pulled some recipes off my Pinterest board.  I forgot to take photos but you'll see some great ones if you click the links.

This corn pudding was good enough but much better with an avocado salsa.  I served the leftovers for breakfast with fried eggs and the salsa on top - good.

I LOVED this orange & olive oil cake.  I added chopped walnuts that I soaked in orange liquor, which I think took it to a better place.  Needs a little cream or lightly flavored topping dolloped on each piece for serving - may I suggest pistachio gelato?  Perfection.

My two favorites from the week were mouthwateringly delicious!

We liked these cornmeal herb waffles so much I made them twice in one week.  I tweeked it a bit, (do you see a pattern devloping?) by adding sauteed leeks to the waffle batter - swoon, just do it.  I topped with breakfast yams - (think crispy breakfast potatoes but done with yams, very nice), scrambled eggs, avocados and my secret sauce.  I can barely talk about how good this is, trust me, brunch will never be the same.

Tied for my favorite with the waffles are these stuffed peppers.  The only substitute I made was the feta, don't care for feta - any other cheese works for me.  I could eat the sauce with a spoon, yum yum!

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Diana Mieczan said...

Oh boy, I love stuffed peppers and that recipe sounds really good. Totally going to try it. Muah.

Maria said...

Ok - so now its 8am and I'm hungry, again. Kinda wishing I'd seen the herbed waffles before we ate! :-)
So going to try them! And I, like you, just can NOT leave a recipe alone LOL!

quintessence said...

YUM!! Will have to go and check out all the recipes on your Pinterest board!!

bronwyn said...

I can tell those peppers are going to be my new favorite. And I can already see myself making all kinds of variations on the sauce. Why have I never made a sauce with creme fraiche before?

MJM said...

Can't wait to be home and eat all these delicious things!

Stitchfork said...

Any leftovers?? I can be right there.....
xo Cathy

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Knowing how much you drive Cathy, I believe it!

Silver Strands said...

Hey Jeanette! My favorite food posts are from the "non-food-bloggers" because you know that when one of us posts about food, the food is REALLY good. I love your leftovers being served for breakfast!

KR said...

That food sounds delicious! I'm not a fan of waffles but the herb ones sound delish!

Bonnie said...

Pinterest is great for getting recipes. They have so many on there.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

angryparsnip said...

OK now I am now officially hungry !
I love when someone posts about a dish they made and enjoyed ! Then you know it is good.
So many times I have tried a recipe that the TV chefs rave about and it turns out awful or at lest just OK.
Everything you wrote about sounds so good that I must try them !
I love that your secret sauce is a secret... it wouldn't let me in to see what it was. Cheeky site !
I can't wait to try the waffles. One problem no waffle maker !

cheers, parsnip

Tess Kincaid said...

I adore vintage flatware...have a cabinet full...and a set very similar to this one...

Anonymous said...

Did someone say orange cake?! Count me in. Yum yum. xo

Style, She Wrote said...

Olive oil cake is my FAVE. Definitely worth the time to make it! ENjoy! xo style, she wrote

Privet and Holly said...

All the tweaking
only means
YOU are a great

These all sound
very enticing. Bravo
for cooking out of
your normal routine!

xo Suzanne

OneCraftyFox said...

I just started experimenting in the kitchen again as of late, and have had a blast behind my sewing machine too!

Hope you are doing wonderfully!

Alexa said...

Oh yum. Those waffles sound delish!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

I have seen so many recipes on pinterest I would like to try but I always end up making the same old stuff. Time to step out of the comfort zone!