miss subway...

Some of you may have seen the introduction to this article on Etsy - but just in case you didn't...

This Meet Miss Subway project is very cool.
It's a great big then and now, which you know we love over here at Everton Terrace.

Click here and take a quick look at the Meet Miss Subways: New York's Beauty Queens 1941-1976.

I was especially impressed with the diversity of the women from the early years.  Would so love to view the entire exhibit.

Recently,  I received not one but two fun gifts in the mail from incredibly sweet blog friends.
People I've never met in person, but we share stories and blogs with each other - blog world rocks.
The very talented Gayle, from Two Square Dogs sent my sweet puppy, Tinley, a welcome gift.
How nice is that?!
Look how cool just the envelope was...

She is so creative - even those stamps are her own photographs.
Thanks again Gayle.

My riches continued as the clever and creative Cathy from Stitchfork Designs, sent me a great tote bag with my initials monogrammed on the side - very cool.  It's already been on 3 trips to Coronado and the great Seattle to Phoenix road trip!  She does beautiful work.

Thanks again Cathy.

I also loved this link Krystal from Village posted last week - inspiring.
Oh I do enjoy my breaks, but blogland is indeed a fun place to be!


Privet and Holly said...

LOVE the Miss Subways
project!! Did you pledge?
I am very tempted to as
it seems so worthwhile.

Clearly, YOU are loved,
as well. Sweet gifts for a
sweet lady.

Happy Tuesday!

xo Suzanne

Jillian said...

Just goes to show that beauty can be had at any age. These women are awesome!

KR said...

Enjoyed all of the reading especially the 'Miss Subways' Etsy coverage (the clothes and accessories are fabulous.) As much as I like to visit New York City I think back in the day it was a more interesting place in which to live!
Such nice gifts from your friends! Love the dog address lable.

KR said...

I mean label!

Test said...

I will definitely check it out... Never heard about it before.

MJM said...

That story was so neat! It's great that those women were, and are, celebrated!

Andrew H. said...

Very cool piece on the Miss Subways. It's impressive they did it for as many years as they did.

angryparsnip said...

What a great video, project about Miss Subway.
So glad you and Tinley enjoyed the package. I have always enjoyed decorating the mail I send out (except for bills) I like writing note and letters so I always think the envelope should be part of the surprise.

Your tote bag is lovely !

cheers, parsnip

Stitchfork said...

One of these days Jeanette we will cross paths in person!

Loved the Miss Subways project! Remember the old movie musical "On the Town" with Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly? Weren't they tracking down a Miss Subway?

xo Cathy