a spring in my step...

this is (very) early morning at the dog beach - heaven
There is something about time off from your usual life.  It's kind of like being a daydream.

I just spent the better part of August away from home, with no real responsibilities (other than getting the dog to the beach twice a day).  This girl got relaxed in a whole new way.

I envisioned myself lounging at the beach, reading good literature and maybe starting to write a novel, or at least some great blog posts.  I would take long walks, go to bed early, sleep in late and eat nothing but healthy food - total bliss.

As is often the case, what I envisioned, and what really happened, were miles apart.

Started no novel and wrote no blog posts.  I read nothing but magazines (about 30 or more that I've let pile up all year), ate healthy food AND ice cream and toffee (and drank root beer), watched TV for hours on end, stayed up late and was up by 5:00 a.m. almost every day.  I was also lucky enough to attend an amazing dinner party and treasure hunt at estate sales and the swap meet until I could hunt no more (that takes a while people).  I'll share my finds next week.

I got home this week and have company arriving on Friday.  There are sheets to wash, meals to plan, grocery shopping to do, dead plants to replace and dusting (SO much dusting).  I have to tend to my Etsy shops again and get my darn hair cut.  Life is back in full swing and I'm charging right back in with a skip in my step.

What would you do with 2 weeks off from your life?


julie of Monkey Grass Hill said...

I'd probably handle it exactly the same way you did. Have grand plans of health and productivity, then let it slip by as usual. I'm sure it was wonderful.

thistlewoodfarm said...

Two weeks. Wow. That would be amazing. I would read books and think and dream and drink rootbeer for sure :)

Thanks for inspiring me today!

MJM said...

Coronado is a great place to slip away from life for awhile!

Karena said...

Jeanette good for you! I am supposed to be taking a break and concentrating on my rehab. I just have to visit my blog friends though! So glad to see you were at Andrea's fabulous dinner party!

Art by Karena

KR said...

Aaah, the "the greatest plans..."

Stacey said...

sounds like you had a blast:-). i would sleep and sleep and sleep:-)