be present...

Decided to slow things down a bit this weekend.
Needed to slow things down.

Been flying way too fast lately and that’s never good.
It’s important to be in the moment.
Be present.

If you’re like me, while you’re brushing your teeth, you’re also cleaning the sink and running through your daily errands in your head. While multi-tasking can be a very efficient way to go through your day, it can also lead to trouble. Remember the “oatmeal” incident?

Over the past few days, Andrew Henry and I have found ourselves not being present in the moment – not focused on what we were doing.
Let’s start with these healthy snacks I grabbed on my last trip to Trader Joe’s. Yummy and healthy dried mango to keep at my desk - for those days when I can’t (don’t) make time for lunch. These were so good, I gobbled up about half a package the first time I opened them. Want to know WHY?

It might be because when I took the time to read the back of the package (which I should have done at the store); I discovered this is actually mango flavored sugar! It’s basically candy. Delicious candy, but candy nonetheless.
Labels. I’m usually a vigilant label reader. Gluten allergy will do that to a girl. Must. Remember. Read. Labels.

A few weeks ago, Andrew Henry washed his hands at a friend’s house. The smell. Oh my heavens the smell. It reminded me of something from my childhood I think – can’t be sure, just know I wanted to EAT that soap! Immediately went to the store and purchased 3 bottles of said soap and the corresponding lotion.
The first few times I used the lotion, I didn’t like it. Now, don’t get me wrong, the smell spoke to me, but the lotion didn’t really soak in and leave me feeling silky smooth. Here we go………………..finally looked a little more closely at the label. IT WAS NOT LOTION. It was moisturizing soap!

Andrew Henry’s recent little foray into doing too many things at once is the doozy that gave us pause. The one that made me realize we needed to slow it down a hair.

It started with getting ready for work. He decided to give our dog a quick bath first. In the middle of getting ready for work, he decided to bathe the dog.
Yep, that’s dog shampoo and yep, Andrew Henry had too much on his mind after the dog bath and he grabbed the wrong bottle to wash his hair. Got out of the shower and proceeded to put lotion on his face. You guessed it, it wasn’t lotion, it was actually leave-in hair conditioner. Enough said no? These things all happened last week.

We took some down time.
We’ve slowed it down.

Be present people.
Life is sweeter, calmer……better.

Oh, and remember to read labels.


KR said...

Those dried mango 'treats' sound scrumptious!, perhaps just one or two for a snack would be okay! I had a good laugh about the 'lotion', shampoo and hair conditioner story! It brought to mind the time when instead of my spray deodorant I hurriedly grabbed my hair spray can and yes, had nice sticky underarms!!

Husband said...

While I love the smell of our dog after he's had a bath, I do not recommend Buddy Wash for yourself...

sunshine said...

I was just taking a break and having a snack when I read this post. I checked the ingredients, I am now putting away said snack!

Anonymous said...

Please ask Andrew Henry if a sudsing with Buddy Wash is "relaxing" as claimed on the front of the bottle. If it is - i'm getting a bottle and switching out the shampoo in my husbands shampoo -- he'll never know.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Ha! Andrew Henry did not say it was "relaxing". I believe the only word I remember him using was- "gritty".

Maria said...

OK - Cried laughing (thank you - I needed that!)- been there (recently) Use same shampoo for our little sweetie, Saff, though have never given thought to using for myself, Hmmmm. Relaxing? Sounds good - gritty - I can get that from my two boys in a variety of offerings! Anyhoo - thanks for the endorphins - they were quite timely! Following your advice now - slowing it down - must be present for it's time to bathe the boys! (now, where is that Buddy Wash??)

MJM said...

Slowing down... Good advice. I can't wait til I have time to do that!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Sometimes even slowing yourself for 10 minutes can make the difference. Give it a try.

Unknown said...

Yes, slowing down is very important. I was franticly looking for my car keys one day. I know they had to be somewhere. I just came back and unpacked groceries, while talking on the phone and getting something organized in my head. I may have been having lunch while at the same time too. Yes, it is very difficult to find your car keys when you have carefully placed them in the freezer right next to the frozen peas, below the chicken nuggets.