I brought in some yellow flowers from the front yard and set the table for two. Dee arrived full of news and questions, energy and life. A much needed break and “Tigger” injection for me!

We dined on bell pepper frittata with dates (out of figs) and artichoke spread. Breakfast potatoes came in the form of scalloped potatoes with leeks and gruyere cheese (don’t even talk to me about these). Throw in some sliced tomatoes with olive oil and basil, a little fruit with yogurt and honey and you’ve got yourself a feast my friends. A feast!

When I mentioned this breakfast might just be a “pit stop” for Dee, I didn’t know whether she was planning another adventure or not. Honestly, I had no idea it was true.  She is actually leaving in 3 weeks for………..Egypt and Jordan.  This is what I’m talking about people!

I want to be Dee when I grow up. During this trip, she will spend 4 nights on the NILE RIVER and visit Petra in Jordan! Should we try to hide in her suitcase? Just in case that doesn’t work out, I’ve asked her to come back and give us a “guest blog” about her trip. Perhaps she’ll even tell us about the time she was attacked by wild Cambodian dogs. Seriously, I couldn’t make that up.

Pearls of wisdom? Dee didn’t disappoint. This one spilled out during the course of our conversation - “Don’t explain. Friends don’t expect it and enemies don’t believe it”.  Now,  Dee doesn’t remember where she heard it so she won’t take credit for originating it, just passing it along.  She's a good Tigger that one.


Sunshine said...

Dee sounds like just the right kind of friend. I want to have breakfast at your house!

MJM said...

That breakfast looks so much better than ANYTHING I have eaten since last time I was home. Jealous!

Kate K said...

Jeanette, I call them Dee-isms. :) Plenty more where those came from. Thanks for treating my Mom to such a wonderful brunch and your company!

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Hi Kate! "Dee-isms" is FANTASTIC. I will refer to them as such from here on out. You'll have to join us next time. Would love to hear about your favorite Dee-isms.