curious expressions...

I received this quirky book the other day.  It's interesting - a fun thing to pick up and flip through.  I was going to share some of the explanations with you but they are just too long.  I will, however, share some of the illustrations with you because they tickled me.  I hope they tickle you too. 

Can you guess the expressions they refer to?  One of them is tricky.  I'll tell ya'll later.

Side note:  I won't publish any comments until later so you all have an equal chance.  Not that there is any prize, just in the spirit of competition.


Maria said...

How funny - I LOVE games with words!

Off the cuff and before coffee: bees in one's bonnet, hair of the dog that bit you, looking a gift horse in the mouth, to fly the coop.

The only one I'm not sure about it the 2nd one, but I hope I'm at least in the ballpark!

Let's get those brains cranking "right off the bat" shall we! :-D

KR said...

Cute illustrations.
My attempt at what the pictures denote.
1.Bees in his/your bonnet.
2.Take your medicine like a man.
3.Looking (or don't look) a gift. horse in the mouth.
4.Taking a flying leap. There is also an expression 'going over the wall'.

Beatnheart said...

The rest of the country are buried in snow and cold...they will think I'm on the pity train...Mind you not that I'm not grateful for "nice" weather, but we pay the price don't we?! Thanks for the compliment on my photos...its been about 20 years since I took pictures..camera use to be my constant companion...just another plus of becoming a blogger..enjoy the weather!! caw

Andrew H. said...

I will have to refrain from answering since I saw the book.

Laura said...

What a fun book!