let me introduce you...

Maia came over one night last week.  What?  You don't know Maia?  Sorry.  Let me introduce you.
Maia is my daughter's best friend.  You see, since my daughter moved to Seattle to attend Law School (law school schmall school I say), we make Maia come over here and we pretend she is our daughter, we even call her our daughter's name.  Just kidding.  We actually call her "Maipie".  I love her to death.  So, without further adieu, here is Maia...

She might kill me when she sees that I've posted a photo of her from the 8th grade in here.  I have an evil streak.  I really do.  Back to the point.  Maia came over to share some photos with us.  Photos of her most recent adventure.  An amazing adventure that blew my mind.  Maia went to Africa.

Maia is now going to share a few of her photos with us so we can go to Africa and CLIMB MOUNT KILIMANJARO AND GO ON A SAFARI with her and her family.    These stunning images were taken by her father, David, who is amazingly enough, not a professional photographer.  The captions were provided by little Miss Maia herself.  These photo's are so awesome you are going to want to click and enlarge them for better viewing.  Honestly - let's go to Africa.

Some of the crew walking through the forest of Giant Senecios down Karanga valley.

The Hoelzingers at Africa's highest point, Uhuru Peak - 19,341 ft, on top of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Footprints in the snow, heading towards the summit.

Crowned Crane searching for food.

Two Masai women singing.


Jaguar taking a nap on a tree in the Serengeti.

A lone Zebra in Ngorongoro crater.

Tree canopy in the rainforest at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

A Heather tree flowering on the side of the trail.

Cheetah mother looking at the plains ahead in the Serengeti.

Maia's highest handstand ever!

Amazing no?  What a thing to have experienced.  Thank you so much for sharing Maia. 


Maria said...

WOW! Yes ma'am - thank you!
Now I feel like I have truly been there! SO many of these photos were jaw dropping that I can't pick a favorite - though the tree canopy, the heather tree and the Jaguar napping in the tree were some of my favorite! Please thank substitute daughter for sharing. What a grand and awe inspiring way to start my day!

sunshine said...

I wouldn't be able to do the mountain trail to the top but I think the rest of the trip is something I would love!
Awesome pics! Love the Jaguar and the Cheetah.

MJM said...

Oh Maia. It's such a pleasure and so exciting to be your friend. I have looked at your photos probably 13 times, and still my jaw drops anew, every time.

MaiPie said...

:) That's quite the picture of me you chose to share with the world! Thanks for posting all these pictures, I'm glad people enjoy them! They still amaze me every time I see them too...

jeanette from everton terrace said...

You don't care for it? I think you look adorable! I have MUCH better ones if you would prefer.

Andrew H. said...

Those photos are only good if you like looking at amazing images from exotic places! Wow! They are just fabulous. I also think the photo of 8th grade Maia is a riot! Nice job!

Beatnheart said...

OMG you were so right..the photos were beautiful..the jaguar in the tree...screensaver material!!! great ,great stuff...Jeanette, your comment today was so wonderful and leading me to Martas post was too cosmic for words...I can assure you I'll will be reading that over and over and over again...I got pretty jealous though because she "REALLY is great!!" wow..Thank you so much for your contiued support..Cynthia

Anonymous said...

Wonderful! Like Maia's wonderful adventures, my daughter did this too, but there was no snow at the time.She fell in love with warthogs, learnt a healthy respect for hippos, and has a lifelong aversion to monkeys now! These photos are fun- thanks for posting them.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

Hi Pam from Australia! Nice to have you here - I have an aunt in Perth. I think Maia has also acquired a "healthy respect for hippos"!

KR said...

I like Maia's handstand! The pics are wonderful, what a great trip, seeing those animals in their own habitat must be awesome!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to see the world with your family.
MJM and Maia should be on Amazing Race - you two would kick ass.

Love the Jaguar picture.

Unknown said...

hahahaha i looooove the picture of maia from 8th grade!! absolutely fabulous that you were able to find one!!

i don't know how she narrowed it down to just those few pictures to give to you to post...there were so many! those ones are definitely some of my favorites though! it still seems very surreal that we were even there!

and, as a side note, hippos are loving, friendly animals (o: thats what it said in our guide book. ask maia, she'll agree (o: