the votes are in...

First and foremost - thank you to everyone who voted and/or suggested baby names for my friend Marni.  The big winner is - Liam Hayes Marquardt

Here's the breakdown of first names -
  • Liam - 13 votes
  • Elijah - 4 votes
  • Jameson - 4 votes
  • Trevor - 2 votes
  • Declan - 4 votes (write-in suggestion)
  • Max - 1 vote (write-in suggestion)
  • Milestone to be called "Miles" - 1 vote (write-in suggestion)
Middle name breakdown -
  • Hayes - 11 votes (and a few liked for first name)
  • David - 4 votes
Great ideas everybody and thanks again for participating.  Also, a big thank you to Maria for all the information on the names.  Marni has a few weeks to go but I will let you know what they decide!


Maria said...

And when this precious new little bundle of boy joy arrives - I hope you will get permission to share him with us!

Henley said...

Yes, I hope we'll get to see the new baby and good luck to Marni! I think you said she already had a girl. That's very nice to get one of both.

Beatnheart said...

Yea Liam!! What a beautiful name for a boy..Have a wonderful day Jeanette..

KR said...

So, is Marni going to use the winning name?

KR said...

Oops! I see you said you will let us know what they decide.

sunshine said...

I love that pic!