in my jewelry box...

Last week I answered an email question with a post showing you what the inside of my vanity drawers look like.  In response to that, someone asked what my jewelry box must look like seeing as I make and sell jewelry.  As is with most things in life, my Etsy shop is much more glamorous than my real life.  Seriously, my own stuff is quite boring.

I don't wear much jewelry.  I know.  I shouldn't even be saying that.  I do wear more now that it is my job and I need to advertise.  I also have some nice bits and bobs in my personal jewelry box but mostly I stick to a few pieces.

I alternate between these two pair of earrings, depending on whether I'm wearing silver or gold.  I have very short hair, shorter than Andrew Henry's, so I kind of need earrings or I could be mistaken for a man.  Not that that's a big deal and not that it hasn't happened (thank you passport guy in the Switerland airport!), it's just I like being a girl.  I think Andrew Henry prefers it as well.

Thrilling I know but it's what I usually have on.  Let's move to rings.  I have several but don't wear them often unless if I'm feelin' fancy and if I do then I usually reach for one of these.  This is an Art Deco garnet ring I got about 20 years ago from an antique shop my mother owned.  The shop was called "The Enchanted Cottage" and she carried great jewelry (it's in the blood).  My mother has an great eye.

This is my other garnet ring.  This was my mother's ring and she wore it for years before generously giving it to me.  Nice huh?  It's kind of big and chunky, fun.

Now, these are the 3 pieces most special to me.

This is a gold chain with the locket my father's father gave my grandmother for their wedding.  My grandmother gave it to me when I was a little girl.  I wore it when I got married and I feel very lucky to have it.  The ring was my Nana's - my mother's mother.  My mother gave it to her and I can't think of her hands without this ring on them.  Both of these women were beautiful souls, beautiful.  I would grab this in a fire.

This bracelet has a 'Liverpool' charm that my mother, obviously from Liverpool, wore for decades, and a shamrock that reminds me of her mother who was born, raised and is buried in Ireland.  Other than my wedding ring, this is my most worn piece of jewelry.

Of course probably every married woman's most treasured piece is her wedding ring.  I only wear the one ring - not really a double band kind of girl.  I wanted just a band but Andrew Henry wanted something a little more and he usually wins, it's okay, he's adorable and doesn't ask for much.  I love it.  It's simple and classic, but it's what is on the inside (like everything in life) that makes it so special.  "Be good to each other" is our motto and what is engraved inside both our rings.  Also simple and classic I think.

Now, my house is BURSTING with jewelry.  Almost every square inch of our kitchen is covered with jewelry (I like to work in there), my desk is ridiculous (I'm leaning over jewelry to type) and the drawers and cupboards in here are full of items waiting to be shipped, cleaned, photographed, researched or even repurposed, but these few pieces are the main pieces I wear.

I so enjoy these questions from ya'll.  If you are wondering anything or would like to see something - send me an email jeanette(at)evertonterrace.com.

What is your favorite piece of jewelry (if you're married, I mean other than your wedding ring)?


Anonymous said...

That garnet ring is gorgeous and special because it has sentimental value!! xo

Unknown said...

That charm bracelet is super cool, Jeanette! I am the same way, I don't wear a ton of jewelry, and I'll fixate on one piece for awhile then move on. Right now I am loving these gold leaf (not gold leaf, earrings shaped like leaves) earrings. XX!

sarah said...

honestly i am addicted to jewelry! i love ultra long earrings! "rings on her fingers and bells on her toes and she shall have music where ever she goes!" (song from my granny!) yay for bangles! i am still loving the amethyst ring i found this summer! i wear it everyday!
and yes there are quite a few pieces you have in your shop i have my eye on..... shopping.......!

RockinJ9designs said...

sorry it's not my wedding ring-but, a band that was around the ankle of a Swan that my dad thought was a Canadian Honker when he shot it while duck hunting decades ago.He was fined and they sent him the band as a token/reminder (whatever).What can you say about a city boy who just moved to the country a few years earlier.We did'nt have duck that night!

Tess Kincaid said...

I am a lover of vintage jewelry, too. My favorite pair of garnet earrings are similar to your beautiful ring. You can see them here:


And I have an heirloom ring that I wear always. Here:


Jude said...

That garnet ring is absolutely beautiful! I also don't wear a lot of jewelry myself, but love to make it for other people (just for fun, to keep my hands busy)... Thanks for this peek :)

bronwyn said...

My birthsone is garnet so I love your rings! And I also like simple and classic wedding rings and I'm not really into the double ring thing either.

Most days the only jewelery I wear is my wedding ring. I break out in a rash if I wear a neclace or beacelet for a few days in a row (immediately if it's a cheap metal) so I don't wear them very often. I stopped wearing earings after I had a baby because she always grabbed at them. Now it feels funny to wear them. When I do wear jewelery, it's usually one statement piece - a big chunky ring or a chunky wooden bracelet. My favorite is a wooden beaded bracelet my friend brought back from Paris. I do love the look of hoops and have been thinking of starting to wear them again. We'll see if I can get used to them.

Jillian said...

Simplicity and meaning. Beautiful. I love hearing the stories behind jewelry.

KC said...

It's very interesting that the jewelry you wear are momentos. Makes me like you even more! (your wedding ring is amazing, classic and just my style).

KR said...

I have tons of jewelry, I have a good sized collection of vintage costume jewelry. I also seldom wear my jewelry but I think my favorite piece to wear is a pendant made from Chinese porcelain encased in sterling silver. One of the pieces from the broken up kilns in China. I get at least one compliment every time I wear it.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I've had my eye on that piece for a while now. Didn't like it at first then realized it was great. I always do that with your stuff!

MJM said...

This is my favorite post in awhile. I love all of these. I also have two of Grami's garnet rings and I always get compliments on them.

~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Loving the earrings, especially the silver ones.
You have a happy Tuesday, sweet Jeanette xoxo

The Weaver of Grass said...

I love your jewelry Everton - particularly love the garnets. I shall post my favourite ring on my blog tomorrow - thanks for giving me the idea to do that.

Andrew H. said...

Well done my dear! I think you did a great job of summarizing your jewelry habits in a single post.

I've never been a jewelry guy myself. I wear the wedding band. No mas. ;-)

Anonymous said...

oh I love your wedding ring!!

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

I love the small, classy pieces. I own tons of jewelry, but sadly I'm so lazy I seldom wear any of it!

OneCraftyFox said...

I constantly wear a necklace a simple silver necklace with a heart shaped pendant my boyfriend bought for me years ago when we first started dating. It's from Tiffany's, but even if it was from Walmart I'd still wear it every day just because it's from him, lol.

Molly Page said...

I'm in love with that Art Deco garnet ring. It's beautiful.
And how special to have hand-me-downs from such special ladies????

My favorites are the pearls my mother in law passed to me. They always make me feel like a pretty "lady".

Diana Mieczan said...

Those are such a sweet pieces...I love the charm bracelet very much:)...You have such a sweet blog:)
Kisses my dear

Maria said...

I too have a decent collection, but since having my boys, it stays safely tucked away in velvet pouches or even bubble wrap in drawers - one day, when the boys are older, it will have its day once again. But even with all that jewelry, I usually only wear pieces that are sentimental to me.

The claddagh ring that I bought in an antique store in Ireland when I made the journey home with my mom (after mt dad's death) for the first time since she had left some 37 )give or take) years prior.

A simple white gold ring my husband had made for me for our 10th anniversary.

Of course my wedding band (but it is not the one my husband and I designed together - that was stolen) it was my mother's, and it still has the inscription RH to LW with love.

Other than that, I wear silver Tiffany love knot earrings (one the rare occasion) and I have an Everton Terrace custom necklace that I wear everywhere I go.

Love your rings J - beautiful!

Oh yeah - and a pink Ironman watch b/c it is everything proof!

Punctuation Mark said...

i wear the ring my grandfather wore every day of his life since my grandmother gave it to him when they started dating... it's gold and manly but I still wear it because he was a great man and i feel his presence with me because of it

Twila's Vintage said...

I love these two rings!!! My favorite is my vintage beetle ring with pearls and fake rubies. Love it!