a lovely break...

It's been almost 3 weeks since I was here, also 3 weeks since I was out visiting my favorite blogs.  I feel like I need to go and read all of your back posts to see what's been going on.  I hope you all had a glorious end of the year filled with the perfect mixture of laughter and lounging.

Over here, books have been read, toenails have been painted, beaches have been walked, games have been played, road trips taken, gifts given and received, decorations put up and taken down, friends have been enjoyed, sugar has been consumed (oh has it),  movies watched, phones lost (just mine), shopping conquered, and mountains hiked - it was great.

We relaxed.  I liked it.  I'm not finished yet...

Think I'm going to stay away just a wee bit longer.  I've got a few things I want to do.  Wishing you a little excitement and an extra spring in your step as we all begin our fresh new year.

Turning off the comments - going totally unplugged for a while, as far as blogs are concerned.

Happy Happy Happy New Year To You All!

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quintessence said...

We miss you Jeanette, but wishing you a wonderful time - it sounds marvelous!