the subtle...

While looking through my images, trying to decide which one to send my daughter for our she read, she saw photo, I came across this.  I took this one in China last year...

Those are threads in rug making factory.  I loved the colors and the industrial feel of it but last week when I saw the photo again I thought about something else.  I thought about how we are all different and yet similar.  Some of these colors are almost exactly the same but, when you lean in closer, you can see the slight variances that make each one distinctly unique.  I like that.

I like subtlety.  I also like a gross understatement, it's my favorite kind of humor - that was just a side note, let's continue.  Let's celebrate just one thing that makes us different today, even it's something you've never thought of as a strength.  Perhaps you are a very picky eater or you have weirdly giant feet, whatever.  Celebrate the stuff that makes you, you.  The one individual thing might not seem unique but when you mix all your stuff together, it makes up you.  Individual you.

Individual you and individual me and individual random other people make up this wonderful colorful world.

I'd love to hear one thing that is fun or unique about you!  Here are 3 random unique things about me:
I have a freakish (and I mean freakish) ability to recognize faces I've seen before.
I don't like to touch Styrofoam or cotton - yikes it makes me cringe.
I have a strong sense of smell.

What about you?


Felicity said...

Snap to two of yours but I'll give you three more anyhoo.

I have extra keen hearing - honed from many years in classrooms no doubt. The sound of water being poured into a glass is the equivalent of fingers on a chalkboard.

I've been told many, many time that my skin is especially soft but it just feels like my skin to me.

I may snort a little when I laugh.

Hugs to you and thank you for this most excellent post...I adore the photo with all those glorious colours.


MJM said...

What a cool photo! I just woke up, so I think it might take me awhile to think of three unique things.. One may be my very useful ability to sleep anywhere and through anything.

bronwyn said...

Lovely post Jeanette. :) I'm with you on styrofoam, but I love the feel of cotton. Here's mine: I am 37 years old and I have never had a driver's licence. :)

Happy Tuesday!

KR said...

I love the yarn, I love the colors, the photo makes me think of 'busy hands'. Great shot as usual!
One of my 'quirky' things is my 'curiosity'... :)
Can't think of 2 more at the moment.


I love this image, and the meaning you gave to it makes it that much more beautiful! Thanks for sharing your uniqueness!


Jane Kilpatrick Schott said...

Hmmm...the yarn image caught my eye. Wonderful.

1. I love road trips...back roads...and getting lost.
2. I get sick of people asking, "What's the best you can do?"
3. By the bag...Cape Cod Potato Chips

Maria said...

love this picture! #1 wants to learn to knit - so it reminded me I still need to teach him - LOL

Can't really think of anything unique about me - though my husband would argue that I would have made a most excellent detective.....I just think he isn't very good at covering his tracks or tidying his messes LOL!

Maybe that I have the weird ability to fix almost anything broken - but don't know that it is any different from other mothers of boys.

See nothing amazingly unique - but I'm ok with that.

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I happen to know for a fact you make AMAZING birthday cakes and know more about health and nutrition than most people. Also you home school, which is quite unique. I could go on and on dear one :)

MaiPie said...

Fantastic photo! Those colors tell a story.

I have very large hands (mostly long fingers).

I love the look of white things...like a bowl of eggs.

I try to think of one thing that I'm looking forward to every day when I wake up.

Decor To Adore said...

Jeanette I am so sorry to hear of the loss. Please know we are keeping that family in prayer.