a balancing act...

Scales are the symbol for Libra.
Scales symbolize balance.
Libras like balance.
I'm a Libra.
I'm out of balance.

I am SO out of balance that I've had vertigo for the last two weeks.  I have an inner ear infection that sends me spinning and it wasn't until just this minute that I realized it is a manifestation of my life at the moment - out of balance.

I keep taking blog breaks.
I feel energized and ready to hop back in the blog saddle when I return but......not this time.
This time I kind of don't want to come back.
I want to re-do my closet and studio space, have some more dinner parties, climb this beautiful mountain I live next to, make some stuff and see some more people.  Less blogging about life and more living it.  Quality over quantity.

I don't know how to check out for say, 6 months or even a year, but I'm not sure I'm quite ready to just close up shop for good.  Guess I'm heading into blog limbo now.  Is there a guidebook for this?  I adore my blog friends, both old and new, and I hope you'll keep in touch either through my shops or email.

I'll be out treasure hunting and filling my Etsy shops up with more great stuff, so do stop by and visit me there.  My jewelry shop is here and my vintage home shop is here.

Be safe, be healthy, be grateful, be generous, be magical!